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SBS Swiss Business School

SBS Swiss Business School is a pioneering institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy in International Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, HRM and other fields. We teach state-of-art theory, immerse students in international experiences, and connect them to best practice in business. Participants in our programs learn much more than management theory and practice; they acquire new ways of thinking that can profoundly change their lives and the success of their organization. We offer all levels of higher education programs: Bachelor of Business AdministrationMaster of ScienceMaster of Business Administration and Doctor of Business Administration.

SBS Swiss Business School is dedicated to foster academic excellence and student achievement on the graduate and undergraduate level in business and management. Its mission therefore is to provide students with a strong academic foundation with access to various specialized knowledge bases and prepare them to become productive, competent professionals, and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global arena.

Our Core Values

L: Life Long Learning
E: Excellence
A: Ability-driven
R: Responsibility for quality programs
N: Nurture talents for the new economy

MBA Programs at SBS:

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public corporation at the national level whose mission involves promoting the internationalisation of Spanish companies to support their competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, as well as attracting foreign investment to Spain. ICEX Spain Trade and Investment renders its services through a network of 31 Provincial and Regional Divisions in Spain along with almost 100 Economic and Trade Offices around the world. It also boasts 16 Business Centres worldwide, offering Spanish companies temporary infrastructure and acting as incubators for internationalisation.

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ICEX Invest in Spain Division's mission

Its activity falls within the framework of four key lines of action:

  • Attracting new foreign direct investment projects, especially involving countries, sectors and businesses that show greatest growth potential in Spain.
  • Positioning of Spain as an internationalised country boasting extremely competitive resources, business centre and international investment as well as being a global platform for access to third markets.
  • Promoting an improved business climate and regulatory environment, thereby facilitating business activity in Spain.
  • Facilitating collaboration between foreign investors and Spanish companies for the development and expansion of activities in our country.


Drooms ( is a leading provider of secure cloud solutions in Europe. The specialised software facilitates highly secure access to confidential documents, as well as the ability to exchange them safely with third parties around the globe. Drooms allows for the transparent, efficient and secure management of confidential business processes such as commercial real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, NPL transactions and board communications. Drooms’ clients include the world's leading real estate companies, consulting and law firms and corporations such as METRO GROUP, Evonik, Morgan Stanley, JLL, JP Morgan, CBRE, Rewe and UBS.

With the virtual data room Drooms NXG, Drooms is moving toward an intelligent and automated due diligence experience, namely by bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning into the process. Users benefit from an innovative technology offering fast document processing, real-time translation, smart search and other features for an improved and efficient workflow. Drooms NXG is replacing time-demanding manual work with machine-learning technology that allows analysts, sellers and buyers to focus on executing more strategical tasks.

Drooms DEALFLOW is the online tool for managing multiple deals through the investment funnel. All deal data is captured in your private centralised database. New investment opportunities can be added directly, while a comprehensive set of workflow tools allows for the efficient collaboration between project managers.

Some facts about Drooms 

  • Founded in 2001 by M&A and legal experts
  • Headquartered in Frankfurt und Zug
  • Branch offices in Munich, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid and Milan
  • Clients include leading real estate companies, advisors, law firms and corporations
  • More than 25.000 client companies worldwide

Intergroup Partners AG

Intergroup Partners is an international services firm that enables companies to grow through innovation.

We have expertise and lead innovation across five key sectors: Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, IoT & Industry, Security.

We work closely with our customers’ teams to manage the opportunities created by disruptive technology, explore how they are evolving and where they are being applied most successfully today.

We are torchbearers in technology. With our tech market intelligence services, we enable companies to apply the latest trends and tools to develop competitive solutions and new business models. Our go-to-market and partnership services enable a nimble market entry as well as forging the necessary solid tech ventures and ecosystems in Europe & the US.

We are a multidisciplinary cross-industry team with industry operational experience.  Headquartered in Zurich, our offices and team are present in are Munich, Dusseldorf, London, Barcelona and Chicago.

We look forward to inspiring and working with you.


Preqin is the leading source of information for the alternative assets industry, providing data and analysis via online databases, publications and complimentary research reports. Preqin is an independent business with over 250 staff based in New York, London, Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Manila serving over 40,000 customers in over 90 countries.

Preqin has the most comprehensive and extensive information available on the private equity and venture capital, hedge fund, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and natural resources industries, encompassing funds and fundraising, performance, fund managers, institutional investors, deals and fund terms. Leading alternative assets professionals from around the world rely on Preqin’s services daily, and its data and statistics are regularly quoted by the financial press.

Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine is an English Magazine that celebrates, inspires and showcases Swiss Entrepreneurs, their startup companies and small businesses. 

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine encourages and enables Entreprenuers to introduce their products and services to the consumers in a more detailed, intense, market-driven and personal way. The Magazine focuses on local Swiss Entrepreneurs and the companies they created. Available in English, the Magazine can be purchased at a Kiosk, International Airports and select outlets.

The Leading Properties of the Word

The Leading Properties of the World is the leading international expert in luxury property search and real estate service provider for private banks, wealth & asset management companies, trustees, lawyers, international consultants and notaries. The Leading Properties of the World’s web site is a perfect tool for those who wish to become owners of a high-end villa or apartment, or who consider property investments abroad.

The Leading Properties of the World offers luxury real estate to international clients, expecting the highest standards of comfort and refinement, based on individual approach and impeccable taste.

How to make the right choice when buying a luxury property abroad?

Real estate acquisition requires careful and thorough approach, whether you are buying a villa, a masterpiece of European architecture, or an exclusive apartment located in the heart of one of the European capitals. This is what we offer to overseas property buyers to achieve a successful acquisition: one of the most extensive selections of premium property from leading developers, landlords, and real estate agencies; access to exclusive off-market premium properties; facilitation of real estate transactions (valuations and structural surveys, due diligence, tax and legal advice, translation, mortgage arrangement, negotiating with vendors); relocation services (furniture selection, interior design and refurbishment, residence permits and citizenship programs, private school placement, health insurance, assistance with car purchasing); advice on all matters to do with investment in residential and commercial real estate abroad (property investment search, property portfolio management, property development and construction, management company appointment and administration, comprehensive viability assessments). |

Montreux +41 21 966 03 03 | Moscow +7 495 565 34 09

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH is an experienced partner in digital business transformation. We enable organizations to transform traditional business models, processes and operations to meet the needs of the digital economy and customer experience.We will help you define your customer’s needs and identify the best ways to utilize digital channels and social technologies across the business value chain to gain sustainable returns.

Operational since 2012, we are specifically experienced in designing and implementing governance models that support the application of digital technologies in the operational business environment.

Wellershoff & Partners

Founded in 2009 and based in Zurich, Wellershoff & Partners Ltd. is an independent consultancy focusing on global economics, financial markets and comprehensive risk management. Our strong philosophical convictions, sound theoretical foundation and rigorous methodologies yield valuable insights into markets and the global economy. We support our clients with our fact-based insights into economic developments and their implications for investors. 

Whether for a one-off project, an ongoing program, or as an outsourcing partner, we provide focused strategic and practical support. Our financial market and economic analyses can supplement, spot-check or even supplant your in-house research. We also help you communicate with your clients, in print, online or at your events.


The market is ready to increase investments into startups. We at Equitypitcher prepare the stage for innovative companies and support them with a variety of services to help in the realization of new business ideas. We offer a preselected deal flow to qualified investors, support in the due diligence process, and the continuous supervision of your participation.

The makers at Equitypitcher are professional investors, entrepreneurs, and business people who started, supported, or administered many companies as well as possess a widespread international network.