Become a Media Partner

Media partnership with EURUS is a unique opportunity to be associated with a leading European private capital forum, to get exposure to executives and professionals from a wide spectrum of financial, investment and consulting firms, and to be branded via marketing campaigns and promotional media. Becoming EURUS media partner can also put you directly in touch with potential advertisers, subscribers and members. We actively engage with potential partners to discuss, tailor and optimize activities in our best mutual interest.

Your support and commitment as a partner can be exercised in combination of any of the following:

  • press release/feature
  • event announcement
  • online/web advertising
  • social media mentions
  • special rate announcement
  • sale of admission passes (affiliate programme)

Media Partner Benefits

  • Branding¬†

Online and print marketing opportunities prior to, during and after the forum are available, including company profiling with logo-link on EURUS website as well as specific information on partner organization services and solutions (dedicated page).

  • Marketing

Print and online communication opportunities, including but not limited to social media, newsletter, banner displays, screen projection and press wallpaper. All media partners will be mentioned in the official EURUS Forum programme booklet.

  • Exhibitor

Media partners are welcome to display materials (complimentary) showcasing services and products to target audiences in the Investor Lounge (exhibitor space). Alternatively, a full exhibitor space with a staff can be arranged at a special (50% off) partnership rate.

  • Forum Delegate

Media partners are welcome to send one representative to participate in the forum as conference and/or media delegate. Representatives will have complimentary access to all forum sessions and closing cocktail reception and will have the opportunity to network with fellow delegates.

  • Affiliate Programme

We offer affiliate programmes to media and strategic partners to retain a commission of up to 30% off regular admission sold as a direct result of partners' marketing efforts. This could also be a combination of a discount to partners' constituents / members plus a commission in lieu of marketing efforts.

  • ¬†Exclusive Coverage

Select media partners will be granted the opportunity to interview prominent guest speakers onsite for exclusive, VIP or otherwise significant media coverage, including photo-ops. We also welcome partnership with companies offering live streaming services as part of a co-branding opportunity.