Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften – the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK) is the representative of the German private equity industry covering private equity firms, from venture capital through growth capital to buyouts, as well as institutional investors (LPs). BVK has more than 190 full and more than 100 associated members.

It is the mission of the BVK to create best possible environmental conditions for the industry in Germany. This requires improving tax and legal environmental conditions for private equity in Germany in dialogue with political and administrative decision-makers, facilitating the access to capital sources, surveying the markets and analyzing market trends, and supporting our members in exchanging their experience.


The Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) is the representative body for Switzerland‘s private equity, venture capital and corporate finance industries. SECA has the objective to promote private equity and corporate finance activities in Switzerland. Private Equity refers to equity investments in privately held, non-quoted companies (“Beteiligungsfinanzierungen”). Corporate Finance Services are advisory services related to mergers, acquisitions, buyouts and the financing of companies.


AVCO is the national association for Austria’s private equity industry and corporate finance service providers. AVCO encompasses private equity houses – from venture capital and expansion financing to buy-outs – as well as various other institutions and companies which are interested in developing the private equity and venture capital industry in Austria – from service providers, banks, investors to portfolio companies and professionals.


The Finnish Venture Capital Association was established in 1990. The actual members of the association are entities acting in the Finnish private equity and venture capital markets. FVCA accepts as its associate members communities or private individuals who play a part in the development of the industry in Finland. The number of members at the moment is 61 full and 43 associate members.

The goal of FVCA is to develop private equity and venture capital as an industry and promote the interests of its members in Finland. FVCA improves the operating environment of the industry by overseeing the general interests and ethics of the industry, by promoting the relations between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, and by organizing research activities. FVCA also handles the industry’s public relations and foreign contacts. In addition, the association publishes approved guidelines and a code of conduct regarding the industry. FVCA is a member of the Invest Europe.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is the leading FinTech hub in Switzerland. As a neutral, inclusive, and non-profit association, the SFTA is the main FinTech network for our 600 members; a diverse group of entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and policymakers. We strive to make Switzerland a leading global FinTech hub by supporting the Swiss FinTech ecosystem locally and internationally by organizing high-quality, relevant events, authoring innovative reports and blogs, providing advocacy on important public policy issues, arranging mentorship opportunities within our network, and constantly promoting our members through social media. We believe that Switzerland has the human capital and infrastructure available to make our country a global FinTech powerhouse and the SFTA continues to work toward that goal.

Family Office Club

The Family Office Club is the largest association in the family office wealth management industry with 80,000+ current members. Since 2007, the Family Office Club has been working with family offices by helping then create family offices, find talent for their team, explore co-investment opportunities, and emulate best practices of $1B+ seasoned veterans of the space. Our global team of thirty professionals are dedicated to expanding and improving our training and research efforts.

Savvy Investor

The World’s fastest growing network for Institutional Investors 

Savvy Investor is a new professional network with a focus on providing access to the best pensions and investment white papers and articles, news and blogs from around the web.

The site has proved an instant hit with institutional investors, gaining over 12,000 members since launching last year – mainly pension funds, asset managers and investment consultants, including a high number of CIOs and CEOs.

Austrian Startups

AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform of, by, and for the Austrian startup community to increase its visibility and to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is an open place for all startups, stakeholders, and interested parties who are encouraged to launch joint initiatives.

AustrianStartups manages the biggest database of Austrian startups and startup services offering in-depth, practical information and resources to help entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses. It serves as a voice of entrepreneurs in Austria and as a hub connecting creative minds with driven, visionary individuals.


PitchBook provides the industry’s most comprehensive M&A, private equity and venture capital database, the PitchBook Platform, as well as daily news & analysis. It helps build the great companies of tomorrow by providing clients the world’s most meaningful business information and resources. PitchBook’s reliable, comprehensive data sp

ans the full lifecycle of M&A, PE and VC transactions, along with the firms and professionals involved, making it easy for clients to access critical data, understand it and use it to inform their decisions.


SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community in over 200 countries and territories around the globe

For alignment of interest in the investment field, offers two main functionalities:

  1. Investments can be classified (as are products on eBay), and you can specify your supply or demand and give other users the opportunity to search for investments according to given relevant criteria for the investment process.
    Additionally, you can make a request for proposal (RFP) within the given criteria, and potential suppliers can state which kind of RFP they are willing to respond.
  2. Users can mutually connect with one another on the platform. This functionality is similar to that of LinkedIn, focusing on criteria relevant to the investment industry. (At registration, you can choose who will be able to see your information.)

Heads Talk Podcast

Heads Talk is ‘A Fly on the Boardroom Wall’ Podcast that exclusively talks with C-Suite Executives, Leaders of Institutions and Heads of Multinationals about the current topics of the day, in their area of expertise.

My guests, behind some of the world’s biggest brands, corporations and institutions, will bring their wealth of experience from the boardroom to you; and provide us with guidance, strategies and great insights; into their world of business, finance and technology.

So join me, your Host Elaine Pringle Schwitter as we start the New Series – #HTFintechSeries and have conversations with some of the biggest names in the Industry. Literally #AFlyOnTheBoardroomWall

Private Equity and Venture Capital from the Middle East

Established in 2007, provides insight, analysis and research on private investments in the Middle East, covering Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors and Sovereign Wealth Funds activities in the Middle East and broader MENA region. Its products like Directory of Investors in the Middle East are widely used as reliable sources on information about investors in the Middle East. works closely with different organizations like The Economist Group, Super Return Conferences, Institutional Investor group, MEED, Latin Finance, etc. as a trusted media partner with niche contacts from investment community in the Middle East and beyond. It has been an official media partner of events like Super Return MENA, The Economist Group World in 2009, MEED Mergers & Acquisitions 2009, UAE Global investment forum, etc.

Absolut Research

More than 10 years Absolut|report – New Perspectives for Institutional Investors

Absolut|report has been launched in 2001 and is now the leading independent publication for institutional investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Covering all topics of interest to institutional investors Absolut|report focuses on innovations and new developments for the institutional asset management industry. Investment strategies in all asset classes, along with risk management, legal and taxation aspects are provided by science and industry experts.

In combination with Absolut|performance, our web platform and our professional approach, we provide direct access to institutional investors’ decision makers through our outstanding quality and prestigious platform.

Absolut|report, Absolut|performance are, like all our publications, available through an annual subscription.
We will be pleased to provide you with further details.


EUREKA is a publicly-funded, intergovernmental network, involving over 40 countries. EUREKA’s aim is to enhance European competitiveness by fostering innovation-driven entrepreneurship in Europe, between small and large industry, research institutes and universities. By doing this, EUREKA concentrates the existing potential of experts, of knowledge, research facilities and financial resources in a more efficient way. EUREKA is constantly proving its value through a wealth of success stories – innovative products, processes and services that have been launched onto the market over the last 30 years, creating additional turnover and jobs for European companies, small and large – and by supporting the internationalization of businesses with innovative ideas.

EUREKA is a leading open platform for international cooperation in innovation. It is present in over 40 countries and remains to this day the only initiative of its kind committed to the ‘bottom-up’principle – ensuring that any R&D project with a good business plan receives the support it deserves, independent of its technological nature, or the type of organisations involved.

Watch our 30 years anniversary video, you will see how EUREKA impacts your everyday life.