goREAL 2023

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
FOCUS: Europe
FORMAT: Online, on-demand
LAUNCH: March 2023
ACCESS: Until 30 June 2023 (no limit for members)

Audience: private real estate funds, CRE asset managers, institutional investors, family offices, developers, commercial lenders, construction companies, advisories, REITs

Staying the Course. Forging Ahead.

Real Estate Market Outlook & Investment Strategies | Europe
Economic growth recorded in much of Europe following the pandemic clearly boosted confidence among real estate investors, though many are still coming to terms with the fundamental changes brought about or accelerated by covid. Investors have also been compelled to reassess their strategies amid mounting inflationary pressures and tightening of credit. For the most part, the residential sector continues to appeal to the industry due to its defensive characteristics. Value added remained on par with opportunistic as investors focused on strategies where capital could be more readily deployed. As the hegemony of office and retail globally seemed to be over, investors in Europe have rekindled their interest for prime office space. Core funds have also experienced a renaissance as investors look beyond capital appreciation, placing more value on income quality and security. Operational assets such as data centres, new energy infrastructure and life sciences have become particularly attractive due to their compelling fundamentals. Although the real estate fundraising market has improved, it remains difficult to navigate and still poses challenges for first-time managers.

Real estate has generally served as a hedge against inflation over the long term. Yet, what strategies and asset types are best suited to counter downward pressure on returns? Can inflation-related costs be passed down to tenants? How do supply chain disruptions and higher cost of capital affect the construction industry, and what effects will they have on opportunistic funds? What’s the future of office now that formerly appealing qualities such as a prime-location and high-spec features are no longer the only priority for tenants and buyers? Which evolving economic and socio-demographic trends will inevitably impact investment decision-making (why and how)? Which geographies and asset types are likely to lead, and what upside and downside risks should investors be mindful of? This, and much more, at goREAL 2023!

goREAL 2023 | Europe


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